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Currently, Investig’Action is launching several projects to strengthen our impact and provide you with even more tools: 1. Journal de l'Afrique: Help us fund young journalists who will report and interview on the field. 2. Investig’Afrique Network: We have created a free library in Dakar. And we want to develop it in other countries. Help us support this effort. 3. Spanish-speaking world: in order to exchange information and experiences of resistance of Latino peoples with other peoples in struggle, 1. we have just created the "Investig’Action newsletter" in Spanish; 2. We have translated four of our books in Spanish… now we need to print them and distribute them ! 4. Covid. Michel spent seven months writing Planète Malade, a book that explains why the West has not adopted the right strategy. We fear that, as usual, our book will be ignored by the media. We therefore need a budget to make it known directly to the general public. 5. A new program: "Le monde vu d'en bas". Twice a month Saïd Bouamama will shed a brief and striking light to analyze the current events.