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Support the creation of Tele Palestine

Help us fund Tele Palestine with a one-time donation ! We want to launch the production of a mini video newscast on Youtube's Investig'Action channel and other channels. The objective: to weigh in the battle of the info by giving voice to the Palestinian actors, as human beings, who are dehumanized or dismissed by the war propaganda relayed by the mainstream media. We are going to present each week the testimony of a Palestinian. From Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon and the entire community of 14 million Palestinians: 7 settled in Palestine, 7 in the world. It's a big project that involves significant costs : we have to be able to buy the technical equipment, and hire for the journalistic work, the editing, the promotion. We are therefore launching a campaign of generosity to support "the word of the Palestinians" with a goal of 20,000 euros. We will show the Palestinian resistance in all its diversity. Several will be the themes addressed: the experiences and activities of citizens in Palestine, the violence of the occupants, the expulsions, the prisoners, but also the geostrategic issues, the energy question, relations with the Arab world, the EU, the USA... The Palestinians will have the floor live, finally. The Palestinians speak to you. TV Palestine!